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I’ve been in door-to-door sales long enough to witness various scenarios and excuses. From a customer claiming their mother passed away yesterday to another rushing off for a wedding. 

But here’s the thing: I always call BS for a minute and aim to close the deal. My commitment to selling is stronger than any excuse to get me off the porch.

The Psychology of Selling: It’s All About the Attitude

I’ve always believed that your objective should be greater than their objection. It’s about coming up with an agenda, a purpose. If you’re selling roofs, it isn’t just about the shingles; it’s about ensuring the homeowner feels unique and selected for something special. This psychology is what drives successful door-to-door sales. It’s about being people in need, not the needy.

Qualifying Your Customer: A Key Step

Ask the right questions early on. Are they the homeowner? How long have they lived there? This fact-finding is crucial not to waste your time or theirs. 

Setting Intentions and Creating Pullback

Always set your intentions.

Explain what you’re doing, whether inspecting roofs for potential damage or enrolling them in a particular program. Use phrases like “I hope your roof is in great condition” to create a pullback. This approach flips the script and makes you appear less needy.

Closing with Confidence

Remember, door knockers don’t make the big bucks – closers do. To be a closer, you need an arsenal of tactics and a mindset to serve your client at the highest level. Closing is about creating a seamless experience of micro-yeses leading to the final yes. Use frames and close with options, making it clear that it’s about doing business, not just consultation.

My Key Message: Become the Closer

The most important takeaway from my years in this industry is to focus on becoming the individual you ought to be – the closer with the right energy and attitude. This transformation will attract your ideal clients and sales outcomes. 

Action Items for Real Change

I urge you not just to be motivated to integrate what you learn. Whether it’s knocking one more door a week or changing your closing technique, make a plan and act on it. I’m always here to hear your success stories, so reach out and share them.

It’s About More Than Just Techniques

To sum up, it’s not just the techniques and tactics that count in door-to-door sales. It’s about evolving into a person with the right mindset, attitude, and skills. This growth will ultimately lead you to success in this challenging yet rewarding field. 

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