I knocked doors since I was 11!

Never bought into the whole hourly normal job,

and used direct sales to be the vehicle to create

MASSIVE success.

When I was 7 you would find me selling golf ball and lemonade at the golf course. At 11 I started selling coupon books door to door. 13 I started painting the addresses on curbs. I then learned that I could make more money if I got my friends to do it and had about 11 of my buddies working under me, we called it the “Gutterman.” At 18 I then got into the home security business for 7 years. I built and ran teams being one of the best in the business. 2014 I finished #1 Salesman for the year at Vivint out of 3000 sales reps. 2016 I Started the Direct Sales division for Solcius as their VP building it up to have 70+ sales reps nation wide. In 2018 I left to pursue a greater mission to unify and uplevel the Door to Door industry.

I saw a great need to give more tools, technology, and collaboration to this space and I have built multiple businesses to sustain that mission. – Place to report reps that steal from you

D2D-Podcast – Interviewing the Best Reps, Leaders and Owners – A universal platform for industry specific content – National Convention for Direct Sales – AI Texting Platform to help customer communication – A CRM and pipeline management tool for recruiting – Home service network to share leads




17 Years in the hardest sales job that there will ever be will make a stone-cold killer and trainer when it comes to the psychology of selling FACE TO FACE. Cold calling and making the first impression. “1 Year of door to door sales is equivalent to a 4-year degree. Make that 17 years of door to door sales that is equivalent to a doctorate.

Sam has managed 100 man sales team, and helped develop systems and processes for multiple sales organizations, and helped them 10x their production. “Speed of the leader, speed of the team”. Sam helps leadership elevate their ability to influence and create results.

If you don’t have salespeople to manage your business then your business is nothing. Master recruiting top talent through some of the practice taught by Sam to find the tops performers. If you want better results sometimes you just need better players.





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