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Check off experiences on your bucketlist with high vibe people.

First trip is to Egypt and Jordan – camels and pyramids, on May 21-29 2022.  Applications go live on November 10th. Decision made on group December 17th. Only 15 people available. Housing and experience paid, Flights attendees cover. 


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Sales Culture Coach

Sales. Leadership. Recruiting

Create a winning sales culture that inspires, attracts talent, and creates ultimate results

Often we lose sales professionals due to improper tools, training, and leadership. Sam Taggart helps businesses leaders provide better tools and systems for their direct sales teams to create long-lasting tangible results in their business. Gamify your business, and make sales more of a sport, not a job. Help your sales teams take pride in their job, and see it more as a career


Sales. Leadership. Recruiting

Create a winning sales culture that inspires, attracts talent, and creates ultimate results

Sam has develped a proven business operating system from 2 years of extensive research into the best direct sales business. Boost your direct sales departments by implementing systems to scale, and increase closing percentages. Don’t waste time or money-spinning your wheels. Copy and paste what the best are doing.

Sam Consulting


Training with Sam Taggart

Be Inspired by Sam’s achievement theory. A process to accomplish more in life.

Sam’s primary motive when he speaks is to give hope and actual skills to where people can walk away ready to perform at a whole new level. Unlike many speakers, Sam knows how to entertain all types of audiences and keeps the crowd on the edge of their seats. Whether your team needs sales training, leadership or motivation, Sam is the right fit for you.



Abc’$ of Closing is a perfect guide of closes for in home sales. Actual lines you can use on the door or in the home. 

D2D Planner is a productivity planner designed to help you stay on track and get the most out of every single day while still living a balanced life.



Sam Taggarts Businesses

Inspired to make an impact Sam has started multiple businesses

There have been very few people really take initiative to help support the home service and in home selling process. Sam has been committed to filling in the holes he has found throughout the years to really bring innovation to the direct sales space.

All of Sams businesses are powerful when looking to run an effective home service business and really capitalize on all levels of it.  From recruiting top talent, to training that talent, and communicating with your sales team, and customers.



Online training platform helping businesses improve their sales and leadership development systems. Co-creating with companies their own training university with preloaded content as a turn key solution.


A bulk AI texting platfrom designed to help you increase revenue through text. Follow up, sell and retain customers better through having multiple automated touchpoints. Vanilla reviews helps companies increase their online google and facebook reviews.


A pipeline mangement system for helping you stay organized when working with lots of potential recruits. A way to communicate fast to them through AI bulk text messaging.


The blacklist is designed to help expose the reps with low integrity taking money and never fulfilling their end of the bargain. Put people that take money on there and help everyone out.


Worlds Largest Direct Sales Conference. It happens once a year in my own back yard. Salt Lake City Utah.


An app where you can share your leads with multiple services and get paid for it! It is the home service marketplace leveraging your customer info with a prefered network


Join Thousands Of Leaders & Sales Professionals


Why I Do What I Do

Have 2 beautiful daughters Ellie and Nora. 

Passionate about the outdoors: Snowboarding, RZR, boating. Love sports: Golf, basketball and pretty much anything else that gets the blood flowing. Love music, Sam plays the guitar and piano and loves to compose his own songs. 

Client Testimonials

Sam is AWESOME- he has a lot of different approaches on how to get you mind set right to be successful in d2d for sure. If you are stuck or looking for a different approach on what you do to get results – Sam is the cats meow ! Thank you sir !!

Jeremiah Wynn

Sam and his team are true professionals. As expected the tangibles are all there. Sam came out and taught and helped my team through a variety of industry specific knowledge and sales help. However what truly stuck out to me was the non-tangible aspect of what Sam can bring to your company. He was able to help transform the mentality and mindset of the team which I believe will have a profound effect on not only the team but myself. Excited to truly reap the benefits of working with Sam and his Team at D2Dexperts!

Highly recommend it to any leader, manager or company. Whether you are a massive organization or a small team no matter what your skill set or development may be he will find what is needed and take you to the next level.

Jason Prescott

Awesome couple of days! Very informative and up beat. Would definitely suggest for anyone that does any type of sales. I hope to have the chance to have more training in the future.

Austin Alefs


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