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Everything is Sales, nothing happens until a sale is made. Master your craft of selling. Learn the art of Pitching. Pitching is one of the most important parts. If you can’t overcome the first 30 seconds, you can’t break the ice, can’t get into the actual sales presentation and you’re not going to make money. Learn how to overcome objections. Objection is not rejection, it’s a request for more information. Learn how important non-verbal communication is and how to master it. Learn how to have your presentation scripted out but also leave yourself for adaptability. Master how to close some people down and understand the mentality of closing and some closing lines. Understand that the money is in the follow up. It takes 7 no’s to get a yes. Learn the systems of how to master the art of following up.

Here’s What You Get

Course 1: Mindset (14 Chapters)
Course 2: Prospecting (12 Chapters)
Course 3: Pitching (9 Chapters)
​Course 4: Objections (7 Chapters)
​Course 5: Non Verbal (10 Chapters)
​Course 6: Presenting (6 Chapters)
​Course 7: Closing (5 Chapters)
Course 8: Referrals (2 Chapters)
Course 9: Follow Up (6 Chapters)

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What is Ultimate Sales University

Ultimate Sales University is an online education platform to help you be better at selling your customers. By understanding the industry drivers, customer motivations, and technical specifications, you can better guide prospective customers to an appropriately sized system and instill confidence.

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In the Sales playbook you’ll learn mindsets, prospecting, pitching, overcoming objections, non-verbal, presenting, closing, referrals and following up.

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