As a sales pro, whether you’re working in B2B, retail, or door-to-door sales, one thing is constant – your customers’ sales personality types.

Over 17 years of experience have taught me that adaptability isn’t just a skill; it’s the backbone of successful sales and selling to different personality types. 

Sam Taggart here – The force behind D2D Experts and your sales training expert sharing some bits and pieces from a professional sales coaching I delivered to a room full of sales enthusiasts. 

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Understanding Customer Profiles: The Key to Sales Adaptability

You meet a myriad of personalities in sales.

Dealing with each one requires a different approach. The most common ones include Bulls, Owls, Tigers, etc. For example, a Bull is direct, no-nonsense, and decisive. They want you to cut to the chase. Recognizing these traits can be a game-changer.

The Platinum Rule in Action

Adaptability is crucial. If you sell to a Bull, you must match their directness. But what about the other 75% of people who don’t fit that profile? That’s where the universal platinum rule comes in: “Treat others as they want to be treated.” It’s about being a chameleon, adapting your style to meet the customer’s needs – a principle crucial in all sales environments.

Imagine you’re at a door, and you encounter a Bull. The typical friendly, chatty approach won’t work here. Instead, you must be direct, get to the point, and respect their time. This approach is echoed by research from the Harvard Business Review, which highlights the importance of aligning your sales technique with the customer’s personality.

Adaptability in Action: A Real-Life Example 

I recall a day in Arizona when I met a gym owner who was a classic Bull. He stood behind his storm door, somewhat interested but not opening up. Recognizing he was an entrepreneur, likely a Bull, I switched tactics. I was direct, respected his time, and suggested a no-nonsense 15-minute meeting. It worked. He opened the door, and we set the appointment.

This echoes a principle from Daniel Pink’s book “To Sell is Human,” which emphasizes clarity and precision in pitches, especially with decisive personalities.

A study from Forbes indicates that sales adaptability can lead to a 50% higher likelihood of closing a sale.

Enhancing Sales Techniques with Personality Insights

Understanding various personality types allows you to craft tailored strategies. For example, an Owl, known for their analytical nature, responds well to detailed data and case studies, as noted by a Journal of Personality and Social Psychology study. Conversely, a more expressive and enthusiastic Tiger might prefer a vibrant, engaging presentation.

Mastering the Universal Language of Sales

Wrapping this up, folks, let’s talk real about the secret sauce in sales – adapting to the colorful spectrum of sales personality types. As you climb the ladder, you’ll bump into all sorts – Bulls who charge ahead, Owls wise in their ways, Tigers ready to pounce, and a zoo of characters.

The trick? Tailoring your pitch to each unique personality. It’s like having a Swiss Army knife in your sales toolkit.

Stay fired up and flexible, my friends. Every doorstep you stand on, every hand you shake, it’s not just a pitch – it’s your classroom for mastering the diverse dialects of sales personality types. Keep learning, keep adapting, and let’s turn those encounters into epic deal closures!

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